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Dr Cullen O’Gorman

Dr Cullen O’Gorman is a specialist Neurologist DSC_4173 - Copyand Clinical Neurophysiologist based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Dr O’Gorman provides a dedicated electrodiagnostic service at Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience Centre.

He offers advanced electrodiagnostic testing for nerve and muscle disease, including traumatic nerve injury, nerve entrapment, peripheral neuropathy, myopathy and myasthenia gravis.

  • Results are delivered the same day
    Low waiting times (guaranteed < 6 weeks)
  • If urgent testing required, please contact directly to discuss
  • Ideal for pre-operative or post-operative evaluation
    Workcover and insurance referrals accepted

Consultations are not available.

Patients with complex neuromuscular conditions (including adolescents eligible for the transitional neuromuscular/respiratory clinic) should be referred to the Dr O’Gorman at the Neuromuscular clinic at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Woolloongabba if they reside in the Metro South catchment area.